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History: cycles in civilization.

How the Sun affects our Minds

One of my absolute favourite Cycles Researchers was Alexander Chizhevsky. We have an article about him on CRI, but this one has much more details of his life. How the Sun Affects our Minds. It begins… More than three-quarters of … Continue reading

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The Historical Process – Cycles of War

(originally posted 17/05/07 on Wobbly Universe blog by Ray Tomes) In the early 1900s, Alexander Chizhevsky (sometimes spelled Tchijevsky or various other ways) made very comprehensive investigations in historical processes, especially wars, to try and determine the causes of the … Continue reading

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Cycles Research Institute is 7 Years Old

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles was set up around 1941 by Edward R Dewey and others. It resulted from his study of economic cycles and then he found out about the 1931 Matamek Conference on Biological Cycles and … Continue reading

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