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Transbiology What do the next few years hold?  DARPA (the research department of the military) is about to sink millions into a program called BioDesign, aiming to eliminate “the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement.” Look at that again and think.  … Continue reading

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New documentary recounts bizarre climate changes seen by Inuit elders

GUY DIXON From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 4:00PM EDT Last updated Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010 4:00PM EDT Imagine how this feels: The land and weather are turning erratic and dangerous. Warmer, unpredictable winds are coming … Continue reading

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Light At Night Linked To Weight Gain Perhaps Due To Shift In Eating Times

Medical News Today October 11, 2010 Researchers from Israel and the USA believe they have found evidence that demonstrates a link between obesity and metabolic disorders and exposure to LAN (light at night) in animal studies. In an article published … Continue reading

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Why sisters and friends share simultaneous menstrual cycles

by Megan Stoddard
October 1, 2010

If women spend a lot of time together, are emotionally close, or both, they are likely to find themselves sharing simultaneous menstrual cycles. If they did not have simultaneous menstrual cycles in the beginning, they will after a few months. Each woman’s cycle will move by a few days until they are getting their periods within, at most, three or four days of each other. Continue reading

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