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Human Activity is not the Cause of Climate Change, it is the Result

Many people today are totally convinced that changes in human activity are the cause of climate change. I want to show that actually, the exact opposite is true. I suggest further that most climate change originates beyond the Earth, mainly … Continue reading

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Which Causes which out of Atmospheric Temperature and CO2 content?

Over very long periods of time as ice ages come and go, it has been found that temperature leads atmospheric CO2 content by about 800 years. This seems to contradict the IPCC and other views that CO2 causes change in … Continue reading

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Temperature Change Precedes CO2 Change

An analysis of more than 50 years of monthly data shows that the rate of change of temperature precedes the rate of change of atmospheric CO2 content by 6 months. Both variables are determined as 12 month changes to remove … Continue reading

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