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Biological clock began ticking 2.5 billion years ago

New Scientist reports that the most ancient biological clock has been discovered that is common to all life on Earth. They report: Biological clocks are ubiquitous in nature, so the first clock should pre-date the evolutionary parting of the ways … Continue reading

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Solar Studies Predict Sun Headed Into Hibernation

Firstly, it should be stated that predicting solar cycles has not been a thing that has had great success in the past. But when three groups come to the same conclusion, it is worth looking at what they say. National … Continue reading

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The idea of the Wave Structure of Matter has been dealt with a series of great scientists over the years. Since the deaths of Schroedinger, Einstein and Dirac, people that believe in real waves for matter have tended to fade … Continue reading

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Women With Variants in “CLOCK” Gene Have Higher Risk of Breast Cancer


February 2010

New Haven, Conn. — A Yale University-led team of researchers has demonstrated for the first time that variants in a gene responsible for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm may lead to breast cancer. The study appears as an OnlineFirst publication of the journal Cancer Research. Continue reading

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Scientists manipulate immune system to fight cancer

Melbourne researchers think they have found a way to turn off the cells that prevent cancer patients’ immune systems from beating previously untreatable tumours.

Updated Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:53pm AEDT

The Women’s Cancer Foundation and Monash University in Melbourne have just begun an 18-month trial using low dosage chemotherapy pills. They say it could save hundreds-of-thousands of lives each year. Continue reading

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