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Cycles Research Institute main site, which this blog is an extension of.

Cycles Research Institute Forum is a discussion forum for all matters related to cycles organized by subject topics for your convenience.  Posting on the CRI blog is limited to invited guests but anyone can join the forum and post about cycles.

Previously the Interdisciplinary Cycles Discussion Group on Yahoo was a place where you could put forward your thoughts or ask questions about cycles in anything. Membership is now closed but older messages are still able to be read.

4 Responses to Overview / Help

  1. Neil Killion says:

    I too have made a study of how ‘Life Cycles’ operates in human life. The result is my award winning book called ‘Life Cycles’. This is a brand new theory based on biographical analysis. I write extensively in my blog and ezine. I have previously asked the Foundation for contact and dialogue. I do so for the last time,

    Neil Killion

  2. Ray Tomes says:

    Hi Neil

    This would be better somewhere else in the blog – I will shift it when I decide where that is 🙂

    We are no longer affiliated with the new Foundation for the Study of Cycles. Many members of the old FSC are however members of CRI.

    • Neil Killion says:

      Thanks for your reply Ray. I am pleased to hear you are not affiliated with the Foundation. I look forward to dialogue at some point. Please feel free to email me,


      Neil Killion

  3. Rob Harvie says:

    Hey there. I have also been trying to get in contact to share my work in Harmonics in the atomic elements but I never get any replies. Please let me know.

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