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Lunar cycles and Golden Ratios: exposing the weird world of chartism

City Wire Wealth Watch United Kingdom by David Campbell on Jun 03, 2011 The constituent parts read like a discarded plot line from The Da Vinci Code: the ancient Greek mathematical principle of the Golden Ratio, elements of chaos theory … Continue reading

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Climate Change Controversy and Climate Audit

While Cycles Research Institute does not maintain any particular position on climate change, we do believe that cycles studies can help significantly in determining what proportion of climate change is attributable to humans. To this end it is important that … Continue reading

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Aluna the World’s First Tidal Powered Moon Clock


Aluna is a unique proposal for the world’s first tidal powered Moon Clock. It will change the way we consider time and understand our planet. Continue reading

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Temperature Change Precedes CO2 Change

An analysis of more than 50 years of monthly data shows that the rate of change of temperature precedes the rate of change of atmospheric CO2 content by 6 months. Both variables are determined as 12 month changes to remove … Continue reading

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