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Signs of Cycle in 8,000 year record of Earthquakes in New Zealand Alpine Fault

Phys Org reports on the most extensive record of Earthquakes in the article 8000-year quake record improves understanding of Alpine Fault. The investigation, which was centred on a remote river terrace near Lake McKerrow about 35km northeast of Milford Sound, … Continue reading

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Lake El’gygytgyn Deposits and Long Climate Cycles

Watt’s Up With That reports new research on remote Siberian Lake El’gygytgyn with sedimentary layers which record climate for 2.8 million years. The climate reconstructions correlate with Arctic and Antarctic records. WUWT states in the article Claim: Fates of polar … Continue reading

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Self-oscillation paper by Alejandro Jenkins

The existence of cycles may be considered as resulting from a small number of basic mechanisms. In this wide ranging paper on arXiv titled Self-oscillation, Alejandro Jenkins looks at one of these fundamental mechanisms: Physicists are very familiar with forced … Continue reading

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