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Videos posted by the Cycles Research Institute

Newly install widgets by the Cycles Research Institute allow for browsing cycles videos at a glance. Visit us and see our latest YouTube videos on the "Wobbly Universe” at: .

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The Cycles Forum now connected to YouTube!

Greetings, The newly opened Cycles Institute Forum has just been modified to allow you to include videos from YouTube. Now when you make a post in any of the forum categories, you can add a link from your YouTube video … Continue reading

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Women’s cholesterol levels vary with phase of menstrual cycle

NIH News
National Institutes of Health
August 10, 2010
NIH findings suggest a need to consider phase of cycle when measuring cholesterol

National Institutes of Health researchers have shown that women’s cholesterol levels correspond with monthly changes in estrogen levels. This natural variation, they suggest, might indicate a need to take into account the phases of a woman’s monthly cycle before evaluating her cholesterol measures Continue reading

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Leslie Botha on Progressive Radio Network: Aug. 11, 2010 6pm New York time

Mitchell Rabin of A Better World Radio on the Progressive Radio Network hosts Leslie Carol Botha on Aug. 11, 2010 6pm New York time. Leslie Botha is a Women’s Health Educator, author, publisher, broadcast journalist and an internationally recognized expert … Continue reading

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The Silence From Which All Rhythms Emerge

Note: Since this blog has a “Poetic” category, I thought it might be appropriate to add a philosophical look at cycles for your leisure and edification. The Tao of Now & the Cycles of Change To know that which we … Continue reading

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CATS Training Seminar 4 – Cycles Analysis & Projection

The 4th CATS (Cycles Analysis & Time Series) Software Training Session video is now available at Vimeo at: It deals with how to use the spectrum analysis to find cycles periods and to fit them to the data and … Continue reading

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Now connected to Social Networks

This blog is now connected to CRI profiles on Facebook & Twitter, see links for them at:

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