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Photoperiodic diapause under the control of circadian clock genes in an insect

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Most organisms have evolved a circadian clock in order to anticipate daily environmental changes and many of these organisms are also capable of sophisticated measurement of daylength (photoperiodism) that is used to regulate seasonal events such as diapause, migration and polymorphism. It has been generally accepted that the same elements are involved in both circadian (daily) and seasonal (annual) rhythms because both rely upon daily light-dark cycles.

However, as reasonable as this sounds, there remains no conclusive evidence of such a molecular machinery in insects. We have approached this issue by using RNA interference (RNAi) in Riptortus pedestris. Continue reading

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Rhythm and Harmony can be in Tune

Rhythm or tempo can be considered as slow vibrations compared to normal sound vibrations, but that nevertheless may be in tune with the frequencies of the notes in the music. This is a novel idea and requires some explanation. Suppose … Continue reading

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Cancer Survivors-Optimal Health Tip – Rhythm and Regularity – Are Your 2 Allies in Your Recovery

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Published By admin on July 11, 2010

The human body functions at its best when order is established: it follows a certain rhythm and cycles, therefore introducing rhythm and regularity in your life is one of the best strategies towards cancer recovery. Continue reading

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Choir to sing the ‘code of life’

Members of the 40-strong choir are all participants in a scientific study.

Each of them has had his or her DNA decoded in order to see what it is genetically that distinguishes great singers from the rest of us.

That science is yet to be published; but in the meantime, almost as a spin off, Michael Zev Gordon has turned a simple idea into a beautiful work of art through his imaginative arrangement and use of rhythm. Continue reading

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The Dance of Winter and Summer

The planets are not the piper
They are also in the dance
The universal rhythms
Make sun, planets and life
All follow the swaying
As the great waves
Pass through us all
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