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60 Year Cycle in Global Sea Level

Geophysical Research Letters publishes a letter with the question Is there a 60-year oscillation in global mean sea level? recently. It is well known that a cycle of about this period strongly influences global temperatures, with highs around 1940 and … Continue reading

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Hormones and You.

Originally posted on Conscious Lifestyles Radio:
My conversation with Leslie Carol Botha of Holy Hormones! was lively as this discussion about hormones has so many sub-categories that are crucially important in order to grasp the big picture of hormones and…

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Human Activity is not the Cause of Climate Change, it is the Result

Many people today are totally convinced that changes in human activity are the cause of climate change. I want to show that actually, the exact opposite is true. I suggest further that most climate change originates beyond the Earth, mainly … Continue reading

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Self-oscillation paper by Alejandro Jenkins

The existence of cycles may be considered as resulting from a small number of basic mechanisms. In this wide ranging paper on arXiv titled Self-oscillation, Alejandro Jenkins looks at one of these fundamental mechanisms: Physicists are very familiar with forced … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis and surface temperature cycles linked

“Watts Up With That?” has an article discussing a new paper “A shared frequency set between the historical mid-latitude aurora records and the global surface temperature” from Nicola Scafetta (requires purchase). Abstract Herein we show that the historical records of mid-latitude auroras from … Continue reading

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Shifting Sun-Earth-Moon Harmonies, Beats, & Biases

A recent post to”Watt’s Up With That?” concerns Shifting Sun-Earth-Moon Harmonies, Beats, & Biases, in particular as regards affects on Earth dynamics and climate. That link is just a brief overview of the graphics. The PDF paper is more detailed, … Continue reading

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Cycles Research Institute is 7 Years Old

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles was set up around 1941 by Edward R Dewey and others. It resulted from his study of economic cycles and then he found out about the 1931 Matamek Conference on Biological Cycles and … Continue reading

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