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Cycles – analysis: finding cycles periods present in time series includes Fourier analysis, spectral analysis, MESA, etc.

A Cycles Analysis Approach to Predicting Solar Activity

In desperation I asked Fermi whether he was not impressed by the agreement between our calculated numbers and his measured numbers. He replied, “How many arbitrary parameters did you use for your calculations?” I thought for a moment about our … Continue reading

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CATS Training Seminar 4 – Cycles Analysis & Projection

The 4th CATS (Cycles Analysis & Time Series) Software Training Session video is now available at Vimeo at: It deals with how to use the spectrum analysis to find cycles periods and to fit them to the data and … Continue reading

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AORD cycle of 1884 days (62 months)

I received an email from Jeff Connell in Australia which I quote here with his permission: I don’t know whether this comes across as “teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs”, as you are the master, but as a thank … Continue reading

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The Lambda Function

Several papers by Stephen J Taylor and Brian G Kingsma, “Non-stationarity in Sugar Prices” and “An Analysis of the Variance and Distribution of Commodity Price Changes” deal with a method of pre-processing price data which is suitable for many … Continue reading

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Vaal River Flow Cycles

Fluctuations in river flows are important as they affect irrigation and therefore the livelihood of people. The Vaal river in South Africa is and important water source in the region and was studied by Alexander et al (Journal of the … Continue reading

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CATS Version 1.0 and Training Seminars

CATS training seminars will be commencing this week. If you wish to attend them, then your details should be sent to us in advance. Please respond to admin(at)cyclesresearchinstitute(dot)org stating that you wish to attend. There are limited positions still available. … Continue reading

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Cycle in US depressions

(from a post by Darrin Vernier in astrofin Yahoo group) The two Great Depressions of American history up to this point have been in 1873 and 1929. Interestingly 56 years has been a favorite cycle period of authors such as … Continue reading

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