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Sounds of Nature Sped Up and Slowed Down

Sound is of course vibrations which often contain various tones which are example of cycles happening rapidly. In fact we measure frequency in Hertz or cycles per second. It has always interested me to hear various recordings of natural phenomena … Continue reading

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Solco W Trump and Biometeorological Research

The findings reported in this rather old paper are just as important today. Most scientists are not aware of these matters and so are trying to understand the world in a wrong way if these are correct facts. In the … Continue reading

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Circadian rhythm chaos: a new breast cancer marker. Int J Fertil Womens Med. 2001 Sep-Oct;46(5):238-47. Keith LG, Oleszczuk JJ, Laguens M. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Abstract The most disappointing aspect of breast cancer treatment as a public health issue … Continue reading

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You Are Controlled By Circadian ‘Believe It or Not’

Creative Health Blog Health Education At Creative Health Institute It is now known that the molecular circadian clock can function within a single cell. At the same time, different cells may communicate with each other resulting in a synchronised output … Continue reading

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Get Some Sleep: When shift work disrupts your rest

CNN Health November 23, 2010 An estimated 20 percent of the American workforce does some type of shift work. This doesn’t have to mean working the graveyard shift.  It can mean any work done between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. … Continue reading

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Schumann Resonances and human health

Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity Dr Neil Cherry Associate Professor of Environmental Health, Human Sciences Department, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand Abstract: A large number of studies have identified significant physical, … Continue reading

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Transbiology What do the next few years hold?  DARPA (the research department of the military) is about to sink millions into a program called BioDesign, aiming to eliminate “the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement.” Look at that again and think.  … Continue reading

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