Ray Tomes of the Cycles Research Institute on Harmonics Theory in Universal Patterns – October 18, 2012


ray-tomes-of-the-cycles-research-instituteRay Tomes found the Cycles Research Institute to further the study of cycles. Ray notes the the Universe consists of a standing wave which develops harmonically related waves, and each of these does the same.  In a fractal/harmonic universe there are threads of consistency in matter and creation that shape our lives in the human experience just as it shapes the manifestation of nature all around us.

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My life's work is the study of the cycles of time, as found in an individual, a nation, and the world. From this I founded the theory of KalaRhythms on which I do writings, media interviews and consultations. This work is described in detail at: http://www.kalarhythms.org . I do web work as an additional occupation, for which I began TheWebElves.com to feature web design and Development, and web site Hosting with options for custom graphics, technical support, and more. More on this can be found at: http://www.TheWebElves.com .
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7 Responses to Ray Tomes of the Cycles Research Institute on Harmonics Theory in Universal Patterns – October 18, 2012

  1. Tom Wiles says:

    I just turned 68 and would like to contribute my thoughts about cycles (and pi) while I’m still around. I’m always curious about coincidences and have noticed a few of them concerning pi. If you set aside the “fact” that pi is an irrational number, the quotient of 666/212 = 3.141509… is extremely close to the accepted value of pi. It is accurate to four decimal places– which is where it is usually rounded off to 3.1416. In the first chapter of my Chemistry textbook several decades ago, it explained that numbers are rounded off at the point where there is doubt about the accuracy of going any further. My uncle was a tool and die maker and told me that machinists generally achieved accuracy only to that extent. In ancient times, when pi was first discovered, the ratio of a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter, using the rudimentary measuring tools of the time, may well have been considered to be a rational number; and 666/212 seems to have been a likely candidate. Both numbers coincidentally have significance on their own, both Biblically and in respect to the temperature of water (the main substance of the human body). The boiling point of water at sea level (212 degrees Fahrenheit) = 100 degrees Celsius; and 98.6 degrees F (normal body temperature) – 32 degrees F (freezing point of water and 0 degrees Celsius) = 666/10).

    I’ve been toying with the idea that the value of A = 444, B = 999/2, C = 555, D = 592, E = 666, F = 740, G = 1665/2.

    For whatever it’s worth.

    • Ray Tomes says:

      A better approximation to pi is 355/113. Trying to find “666” in everything is simply numerology, and has nothing to do with the beast whose number was actually different.

  2. Tom Wiles says:

    According to Wikipedia, Newton’s gravitational constant embodies a quantity extremely close to 666 divided by a multiple of 10.:

    Gravitational constant

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Further information: Gravity of Earth and Standard gravity

    The gravitational constant G is a key quantity in Newton’s law of universal gravitation.
    The gravitational constant, approximately 6.67×10−11 N·(m/kg)2 and denoted by letter G, is an empirical physical constant involved in the calculation(s) of gravitational force between two bodies. It usually appears in Sir Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, and in Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. It is also known as the universal gravitational constant, Newton’s constant, and colloquially as Big G.[1] It should not be confused with “little g” (g), which is the local gravitational field (equivalent to the free-fall acceleration[2]), especially that at the Earth’s surface.

  3. Tom Wiles says:

    According to the Free Dictionary, Planck’s Constant is also quite close to containing this number 666, with the decimal point shifted.:
    Planck’s′ (or Planck′) con′stant,
    a unit used in quantum mechanics that equals the ratio of the energy of a quantum of radiation to the frequency of the radiation, approximately 6.626 x 10-34 joule second. Symbol: h

    [1905–10; after M. K. E. Planck]

    Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Tom Wiles says:

    I have read that the Bible contains this same ratio for pi; but I can’t confirm it. Perhaps the “Unified Field Theory” that has been so elusive is simply the rational form of pi at 666/212 on the human level of existence, along with Newton’s Gravitational Constant on the macroscopic level, and Planck’s Constant on the microscopic (?) level. Or am I just stretching a coincidence?

  5. Tom Wiles says:

    At any rate, thank you for providing a forum where I could share this while I’m still able.

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