Cycles Radio: The Cycles of Change Radio program on Thursdays 8pm New York Time

The Cycles of Change radio program

“The Cycles of Change” Radio Program

with your host K. David Katzmire
Every Thursday at 8pm New York time
Call in to speak with the host
(347) 884-9593
“The Cycles of Change” Discussions on where we were, where we are and where we are going in changing world of cycles and universal rhythms.
Get your message out to our live show & archive listeners, our web site and our social networks. It’s a lot cheaper than you think! Contact us for informaiton.


About K. David (Rudraksha) Katzmire

My life's work is the study of the cycles of time, as found in an individual, a nation, and the world. From this I founded the theory of KalaRhythms on which I do writings, media interviews and consultations. This work is described in detail at: . I do web work as an additional occupation, for which I began to feature web design and Development, and web site Hosting with options for custom graphics, technical support, and more. More on this can be found at: .
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