Gabriel LaFreniere, Wave Structure of Matter pioneer, Dies

One of the great scientific researchers of our age, Gabriel Lafrenière, has died . He lived from October 4th 1942 to April 11 2012.

He studied the composition of particles of matter as standing wave structures, developing a method of creating animated graphics of these waves. He explored many aspects of wave interaction and showed the meaning of the various types of de Broglie waves.

His web site has ceased to exist, but can still be seen through the internet archive. For those interested in the Wave Structure of Matter, it would be wise to take a copy of this site.

Doppler animation

Animation of wave structure of matter for moving particle showing de Broglie waves.

The way that this structure is developed is shown in a series of diagrams on CRI site.

About Ray Tomes

Ray's career was in computer software development including system software design, economic modeling, investments. He spent 15 years full time on cycles research and has spoken on cycles and related topics at conferences and seminars around the world. He retired at age 42 to study cycles full time and work out “The Formula for the Universe” and as a result developed the Harmonics Theory as an explanation for observed patterns of cycles and structure of the Universe. His current project is the development of CATS (Cycles Analysis & Time Series) software, and collecting and organizing large quantities of time series data and analyzing this data to test and confirm Dewey's findings in an organized way. Interested in all aspects of cycles especially climate change and causes.
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22 Responses to Gabriel LaFreniere, Wave Structure of Matter pioneer, Dies

  1. Lawrence Linick says:

    Gabriel was a brilliant man. He opened my eyes up more to the WSM than any one else, and also — I beleive, established proofs and real results of the WSM that no one else has done. Gabriel will stand as one of the pillars of this approach. He had his quirks too — his resistance to cosmological / metaphysical discussion and ideas, which kept his WSM ideas bound to a certain extent. But what he did — he did very well. He is already missed. I am hopeful that the wave structure of his beautiful spirit has transformed and yet remains a part of our wonderful universe.

  2. Mike Harney says:

    I am sorry to hear about Gabriel – he was a true pioneer.

  3. Very sad, both the loss of life and of knowledge. It takes courage to be a true pioneer, largely neglected in his time, Gab had many brilliant insights into the wave structure of matter.
    My sincere respect to him, his knowledge lives on in each of us who was touched by his life.

    Ps – Thanks Ray for posting this, your existence in the universe and knowledge of WSM is also appreciated – take care!

  4. Damien Mattei says:

    i’m very sorry to read about Gbariel, we had so many discussions since many years about science and theories.

  5. teacher says:

    Excuse my bad english… I ‘m very but VERY SORRY to read about Gabriel death… His ideeas was very strage and, same time, very beautiful for me! You will always live in my mind, Gabriel! Thank you man! God bless you! My students will know about your existence and great ideeas!

  6. Dear Dr. Ray Tomes!

    You are requested to inform relatives or close contact Gabriel LaFreniere to send in their address, condolences on the bereavement. Please also include family and friends by name.

    With best wishes!
    Dr. Yuri N. Ivanov

    I ask to find a picture of Gabriel. Please help.

    Website of Gabriel La Freniere is now available at:

  7. Ray Tomes says:

    Thank you Dr Yuri N Ivanov. People interested in Gabriel LaFreniere’s work will find the above link contains a copy of his work (as his web site is gone). They will also find the work of Dr Ivanov, another of the great WSM pioneers, in English at

  8. Witali Schwamm says:

    My sincere condolences for the genious man who ventured to challenge the main stream in physics and looked for the holy truth in the world full of illusions. His soul should be immortal.
    Mr. Dr. Tomes, Dr. Mr. Ivanov, thanks for the rescue of Gabriel’s invaluable lifework and mirroring his site.
    I offered Mr. Lafreniere my help at translating his site into russian and german languages, because of international importance of his huge knowledge. Unfortunately his isn’t able to experience it anymore.

  9. Jeff Yee says:

    After stumbling across Gabriel’s web site, he made me a believer in WSM and it is sad to see a pioneer with so much knowledge leave us. His contributions are significant and I do believe that one day, mainstream physics will also understand its importance. It’s nice to see that his web site lives on at rhythmodynamics, and I’ll certainly try to do my best to carry on Gabriel’s legacy and continue to promote his work. He’s a true genius and will be missed.

  10. Steve Olson says:

    I have visited Mr. LaFreniere’s site many times (with awe) and also the sites of Ray Tomes, Milo Wolff and Geoffrey Haselhurst … at a time when my frustration with current explanations of the nature of matter were at their highest. I laud you all and congratulate you for sharing the clear evidence you’ve discovered with the result of us lovers of pure unadulterated knowledge.
    My condolences go out to Mr. LaFreniere’s family at this time.
    — Steve Olson

  11. Gérard Ferrer says:

    Sorry i commmute in French.
    Gabriel a été le pilier qui a éclairé ma connaissance de longues années, enfin une thérorie qui rendait la physique cohérente et compréhensible. Je suivais les progress comme un enfant (que je ne suis plus helas) emerveillé et je suis convaincu que tot ou tard ses théories seront reprises et aboutiront à une théorie générale qui liera enfin l’infiniment petit à l’infiniment grand.
    Je resens une peine profonde pour sa disparition et j’exprime mes sincéres condoléances à toute sa famille. Son oeuvre continera à vivre dans mon esprit.
    Gérard Ferrer

    • Ray Tomes says:

      Thanks Gérard Ferrer, it is good to have a comment in French. Translation:

      “Gabriel was the pillar that has enlightened my knowledge of many years, finally a theory which made physics understandable and consistent. I followed the progress as a child (I am no longer alas) amazed and I am convinced that sooner or later be taken up his theories and lead to a general theory that finally bind the infinitesimal to the infinitely large.
      I feel deep sorrow for his death and express my sincere condolences to his family. His work continera to live in my mind.”

  12. Machuidel says:

    Can someone please send me a link to download the following file:

    On a spam website I found that the ZIP archive should contain the following files:


    Especially the “main.cpp” file is of importance.
    I’m a programmer and want to improve upon it.

  13. Machuidel says:

    Found a video of what the C code simulates:
    Also see:

    Would be a pity if this is all lost. Of course if recovering is not a possibility, these programs can be rewritten using the formulas on Lafreniere’s page.

    My wish is to simulate all of this on a cluster using 2 > dimensions.

  14. I didn’t know until I went to and the page didn’t show up.
    Gabriel made a gread job there. Sad to hear that he passed away, and that his work is about to perish :-/ I know that there is a kind of “backup” on, but there are so many missing links (especially to videos and source codes for his programs) that it definitely needs a REAL backup somewhere. Has anyone tried to find a way to make such thing? (deep backup) Maybe it could be possible to get it from his web hosting company somehow? I’ve found that his domain hasn’t expired yet, it’s been registered in December 1st, 2003, and expiration date is December 1st, 2012. It has been registered by YahooDomain company. Here’s more info and contacts to the administrative person:
    Unfortunately the nameservers doesn’t redirect me to any web hosting. I’ll try to contact the domain administrator, maybe he will turn out to be helpful and tell me where this website was hosted. I hope that it would be possible to restore la Freniere’s website from some server backups.

    • Ray Tomes says:

      I tried to contact his family thru the funeral director without success. I would be happy to take over the domain and keep alive if I had permission. This is important work to keep alive.

      There is a backup at Rhythmodynamics:

      • SasQ says:

        > I tried to contact his family thru the funeral director without success
        Maybe try here?:

        > I would be happy to take over the domain and keep alive if I had permission.
        This is the least problem: The domain expires December 1st this year. You can call for it and wait for expiration, and when the domain expire, you can try to take it over, since the previous owner is unable to stop you from it.

        > There is a backup at Rhythmodynamics
        Yes, I know, but it’s incomplete. Many files and videos are missing. I also use the backups from, but there’s the same problem.
        I asked for help the domain registrant (Yahoo) for help with locating the hosting server used by Mr. LaFreniere. I hope they’ll respond, and that there is some way to restore the data from the server he used.

        For now, I use It might be an interesting idea, though, to merge different versions of the website from the backups into one document, with all changes/updates marked up, with dates. I could also add some comments and explanatory tips where the material is quite unclear (at least it was for me, until I cracked it) to help others with following this knowledge. What do you think?

        • Ray Tomes says:

          If you will do this as a project that would be great. If you can make contact with his family and get approval that would be ideal. CRI would be happy to host the files, or to support reregistering the domain name.

  15. Colleagues. I put in the Internet presentation. Topic of presentation: “Experiment of Michelson and Ether return to science”.

    “Presentation is dedicated to find the actual causes, in consequence of which the Michelson interferometer has failed on the first purpose intended. Presentation is for theoreticians who are familiar with the Michelson experiment, do not agree with the interpretations available and willing to solve the problem.”

    Presentation is available at:

  16. Niall Kidd says:

    A great and brave man. A shooting star across the sky.

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