Solco W Trump and Biometeorological Research

The findings reported in this rather old paper are just as important today. Most scientists are not aware of these matters and so are trying to understand the world in a wrong way if these are correct facts.

In the July 1980 issue of Cycles magazine, Published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, John T Burns described the work of Solco W Trump at the Biometeorological Research Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. The PDF paper may be read here: Solco W Trump Research

Trump found that huge fluctuations occurred in the rate of blood sedimentation. Investigations eventually showed that these fluctuations were correlated around the globe, indicating some cosmological origin.

This brings to mind the statement by Alexander L Chizhevsky

“Life is a phenomenon. Its production is due to the influence of the dynamics of the cosmos on a passive subject. It lives due to dynamics, each oscillation of organic pulsation is coordinated with the cosmic heart in a grandiose whole of nebulas, stars, the sun and the planet.”

The work of Simon Schnoll and others at Biophysics Laboratory in Pushchino is related to Trump’s work as they find global fluctuations in histograms of Plutonium decay rates. A summary of this research is available as a PDF document on CRI site.

About Ray Tomes

Ray's career was in computer software development including system software design, economic modeling, investments. He spent 15 years full time on cycles research and has spoken on cycles and related topics at conferences and seminars around the world. He retired at age 42 to study cycles full time and work out “The Formula for the Universe” and as a result developed the Harmonics Theory as an explanation for observed patterns of cycles and structure of the Universe. His current project is the development of CATS (Cycles Analysis & Time Series) software, and collecting and organizing large quantities of time series data and analyzing this data to test and confirm Dewey's findings in an organized way. Interested in all aspects of cycles especially climate change and causes.
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