Rapid Climate Change

Climate Change
New Dawn in Climatology

January 3, 2011 by Mark Sircus

Actually the deep snow above at Mammoth Mountain is nothing compared to the snow at one Vancouver Island ski resort, which was practically completely snowed-in. Mount Washington has been pummeled with three meters of fresh snow over a recent three-day period, burying lodges, cars, and even ski lifts.

“If you thought it was especially cold in December, it’s not just your imagination. The facts prove it, according to the National Weather Service, which announced Saturday that December 2010 set a record as the coldest December ever in Ft. Lauderdale. Miami, and Key West,” writes CBS News. It is also confirmed now that that Dec 2010 in Britain and probably West Europe, was indeed the coldest for at least a 100 years.

Floridians endured bone-chilling blasts in the 30s, from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville. Miami is experiencing its coldest December in 115 years, according to the local branch of the National Weather Service. This time of year, the temperature in Miami usually reaches 77°. Last Monday, the mercury stopped 20° below that, at 57.

There is a lot at risk with dramatic weather and climate change that will be hammered in like a silver stake into the heart of humanity as food prices head north at a quickening pace. Millions of people are starting to fear that food is going to be priced out of their reach as prices rise in the face of increasing shortages and scarcity. Everywhere we turn we see dramatic climate events taking their toll on crops.

Almost everyone today seems to believe in climate change though few really appreciate where these changes are taking us. No matter what one believes, the consensus is all dramatic climate events—floods, drought, snow, ice, cold, and heat—each have their agricultural consequences with none of them being good.

For example, more than 200,000 people have been affected by relentless flooding in northeast Australia, with the flood zone now stretching over an area bigger than France and Germany combined, officials said last week. Thousands of homes and businesses across Queensland state have been inundated with water after days of pounding rain caused swollen rivers to overflow. The entire population of two towns was forced to evacuate as water swamped their communities, cutting off roads and devastating crops.

“This is without a doubt a tragedy on an unprecedented scale,” Bligh told Australian Broadcasting Corp. “We now have 22 towns or cities that are either substantially flooded or isolated because the roads have been cut off to them. The flooding may cost billions of dollars after crops were destroyed and output from coal mines was disrupted.” Towns are facing the prospect of food shortages, power outages, and sewage-contaminated floodwaters. “In many ways, it is a disaster of biblical proportions,” Queensland State Treasurer Andrew Fraser told reporters in flood-hit Bundaberg.

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Leslie Carol Botha, WHE • Graduate from the National Institute of Whole Health • Co-author of Understanding Your Mind, Mood and Hormone Cycle • Internationally Recognized Expert on Hormones and Behaviors • Member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research • Program Director for Early Intervention and Prevention for At-Risk Adolescents - Gia Allemand Foundation for PMDD
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1 Response to Rapid Climate Change

  1. Charles Higley says:

    This article is claptrap AGW propaganda! Climate change is normal and NOT being caused by humans! There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support AGW!

    Floods are mostly natural, but you will find the worst lately have been due to mismanagement of dam systems.

    Forest fires are bad because we have prevented natural fires for 40 years and now the accumulated dead underbrush has created a situation where the fires are so hot they cannot be easily extinguished and the upper canopy, which normally survives a fire, is burned. Again, mismanagement.

    Tornadoes are up as we have improved our detection and verification system enormously. Hurricanes are not up worldwide but, rather, are down with the atmospheric energy at a historical low—we have not had a 3–5 level hurricane make landfall in the US for over 1000 days!

    The cold and snows are totally expected since two ocean cycles flipped to their cool phase in 2006, we have not warmed since 1995, and the Sun is going to a quiet state for probably the next 30-50 years.

    The very hot and very cold summers last year in the northern hemisphere were due to atmospheric blocking of the Jet Stream by large masses of cold air locking the jet stream into a convoluted shape for months instead of weeks. This phenomenon occurs historically when we are in a cooling phase, as we were in the 1960s, the last time this happened.

    Nope, climate change is acting normally with its various and sundry types of behavior and none of it is our fault. But, it is our fault that we have failed to try to adapt—instead we try arrogantly to control nature through a false global warming scam which would have absolutely no effect, except to allow a drastic alteration of our nations, power, wealth, freedoms, and rights, not to mention lowering the standard of living worldwide.

    Global warming and its scare claims has nothing to do with climate. It’s totally a political agenda and it does not have the people’s or the world’s welfare in mind.

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