The Silence From Which All Rhythms Emerge

Note: Since this blog has a “Poetic” category, I thought it might be appropriate to add a philosophical look at cycles for your leisure and edification.

The Tao of Now & the Cycles of Change

To know that which we have not learned.
Such is like the Tao.
Looked for it is not seen.
Seen, it is not recognized.
Recognized, it is not believed.
These things are passed on to us and known only on the subtle level as the
basis of all thing we hold real.
That from which even the un-manifest emerged is where you will find it.
For that, we must look within, for it is us.
All things are one.

If we want to be heard, we must listen,
If we want to be seen, we must look,
If we want to be felt, we must touch.
We must know the scent of the earth
and taste from the sea, for we are that.
The Tao is all things, including nothing.
When our journey ends unto this all,
we will find that we have not left
where we are right now.
As we begin anew toward that which has
never been, we do so again.

We will know it in the Dance as the
un-played note from which
all sounds emerge.
We will know it in the silence
to which all Rhythm will lead.
We will know it in the darkness
that is pregnant with light, to find,
that Creator and image are
the same, and one.
All of the many things are one
existing in the Tao of Now.

K. David Katzmire


About K. David (Rudraksha) Katzmire

My life's work is the study of the cycles of time, as found in an individual, a nation, and the world. From this I founded the theory of KalaRhythms on which I do writings, media interviews and consultations. This work is described in detail at: . I do web work as an additional occupation, for which I began to feature web design and Development, and web site Hosting with options for custom graphics, technical support, and more. More on this can be found at: .
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