The constant oscillation of life

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On a cosmic scale, most bodies oscillate. Stars and planets rotate (which is a kind of oscillation). Observing the spots on the sun some 400 years ago, Galileo first made the discovery that our star rotates on its axis every 25 days — an observation which even now is not fully understood. Of course the rotation of the sun does not affect us nearly as much the rotation of earth.

All life on our planet, down to its very simple forms, cyanobacteria, have adapted to the daily rotation and regular light changes. Living organisms anticipate transitions, adapt their physiology, and perform activities at advantageous times during the day.

We humans do not escape the rule. The daily rotation of the earth influences the rhythm of our existence, determines our activities, shapes our lives and has a critical influence on our physiology.

“…All of us have a periodicity. The existence of a circadian pattern of sleep-wake cycles, fasting/feeding rhythms, fluctuations in body temperature, but also heart rate, blood pressure, platelet counts, lung function and hormone release has long been known…”

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About Leslie Carol Botha

Leslie Carol Botha, WHE • Graduate from the National Institute of Whole Health • Co-author of Understanding Your Mind, Mood and Hormone Cycle • Internationally Recognized Expert on Hormones and Behaviors • Member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research • Program Director for Early Intervention and Prevention for At-Risk Adolescents - Gia Allemand Foundation for PMDD
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