CATS = Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software

CATS is free. It is a comprehensive package for collecting and processing time series with a special emphasis on cycles research. It comes with hundreds of interesting time series from many disciplines ranging from ice age data at century intervals through to second by second vibrations of an earthquake.

CATS allows clear graphs of time series with time base of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years and any multiple of these. It performs calculations on existing data to create new series, such as dividing housing costs by consumer price index to show the relative cost of housing.

CATS can accurately determine cycles periods and tell which cycles are significant according to the Bartels test. It has multivariate functions such as regression, factor analysis, lagged correlations, and canonical correlation. Its powerful macro and looping facilities allow many series to be processed in a similar manner to achieve high efficiency.

For more information or to download CATS:

For sample graphs and more information on what CATS looks like:

Free training in the use of CATS will commence in July. Watch the above links or this blog for further announcements.

Many of the graphs in CRI blog are produced by CATS. An example is the price of copper over the last 226 years with a 12.92 year cycle projected into the future.

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